Afghanistan Child Brides

The plight of Afghanistan women is heart-wrenching. The more we can share information and help the world know what is happening there, the more we can help bring Afghanistan women out of these ancient, horrific practices of abuse and death.

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Barbara said…
Awful. Thanks for sharing this. Knowledge and awareness is so important!
This is heartbreaking. Thank goodness she had the courage to confide in someone and is getting some kind of help. My thoughts are with her and the others like her. xx
Julie said…
That video is from 2009...I wonder if she's still alive. I was a victim of domestic violence and 32 years after escaping I'm still not completely free. And that's in the U.S.
Unknown said…
Thank heavens she had the particular braveness for you to confide with another person and is also acquiring some kind of support.The best uk site afghan cookbook