18th Century Noblewoman's Fashion

Fashion has come a long way. Most days, when around the house, you can find me in a nice roomy t-shirt and yoga pants. But in the 18th century, a woman's clothing was much more complex with numerous layers and trimmings. And then, after a woman is dressed, freedom of movement is constricted. Here is a video I found that demonstrates the complexity noblewomen faced each morning just to get dressed.

From History and Women


Liza Perrat said…
Thanks for posting this, Mirella, a very enlightening video. I wished I'd seen this before writing about this period!
Mirella Patzer said…
I felt exactly the same way when I saw this video! Great minds think alike.
Unknown said…
My mother and I do backcountry colonial American historical interpretation. Just for the 'common' women, clothing is shift, petticoat, pocket, shortgown, apron, kerchief, and cap; most people would probably also have worn stays. Then again, there's writings where the author blasts backcountry women for coming to church in just their shifts, pinned up so as to display their figure...

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