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Louise-Marie d'Orleans

Louise-Marie d'Orleans King Leopold I of the Belgians was the beloved Uncle of Queen Victoria, her advisor and mentor during her early reign and the man who encouraged her marriage to his nephew, Albert.  Everyone knows about his marriage to the daughter of the Prince Regent, Princess Charlotte, whose tragic death followed a scandalous mis-management of her pregnancy.  Leopold was invited to take the Belgian throne, but what about his less known second wife whom he married on 9th August 1832? The eldest daughter of the King of the French, Princess Louise-Marie Therese Charlotte Isabelle d'Orleans, was a descendant of Philippe d'Orléans, Regent for Louis XV, Madame de Montespan, and of Louis XIV and Philippe I, Duke of Orléans both sons of Louis XIII on her father’s side, and on mother's a descendant of Maria Theresa of Austria and Catherine de' Medici. Blonde, fair skinned, blue-eyed Louise Marie was a shy, innocent girl who dreaded the idea of becoming