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Killer Vaccuum

A Roman Bride on her Wedding Day

A Roman bride had to adhere to many strict practices on her wedding day.  From hair to gown to jewels, all was an important demonstration...

Hoyden of the Week

Housework can be dangerous. Why risk it? 

Watch Elizabeth Taylor put on her Make-Up

For those of you interested in vintage make-up, watch Elizabeth Taylor apply makeup  from a scene in the public domain film entitled The ...

Style your hair like Jane Austin did!

If you're a fan of the Regency era and have long hair, here is a beautiful (and easy) tutorial on how to do your hair exactly like they...

Hoyden of the Week

Think this position will make it into the Kama Sutra?

Marguerite Porete - In Her Own Words

I was to learn that to be a religious mystic one risks death.  I was born in the village of Hainaut in France in the 12th century, an...

Hoyden of the Week

The danger of napping on the beach

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