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Spectacles throughout history!

5th Century BC Magnifying Lens The need to see when reading is as old as humanity. From the 5th century B.C., magnifying glasses were used by ancient Egyptians. They were a simple magnifyer, likely used by scholars or those of the noble classes.  By the medieval era, the 13th century, a hand held style that one could hold over the nose were invented in Pisa Italy.   These were made with wood, rivet, and twine.  Medieval Eye Glasses (Recreation) During this era, eye glasses were very important for the working classes. It is a well known fact that sight tends to deteriote when a person is in their 40's. If a craftsman could get his hands on a pair of glasses, he could extend his ability to work and be productive for up to twenty or more years. Thus, their popularity grew. By the time of the Renaissance, glasses began to become more fashionable with guilding encircling rock crystal, and even gems. Still, they were considered a sign of old age and s

Hoyden of the Week

Nuns:  Pea Green with Envy at the introduction of the mini skirt!