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The Atrocities of Ilsa Koch

Lurking behind the face of this pretty German girl named Ilsa Koch is pure evil incarnate. The wealthy wife of a high level Nazi officer, she had a lot of time on her hands. Instead of normal entertainments like shopping, dinner parties, or tea with the ladies, Ilsa would entertain herself at the concentration camp. She loved to watch the abuse of prisoners. Her delight progressed into things too gruesome for understanding. The camp became her playground, the prisoners her props.  Many atrocities are attributed to this debauched woman - torture, murder, starvation, sexual enticement, and many more. Mostly, her claim to fame is she created ornaments from human skin, including shrunken heads and lampshades made from human skin, with which she decorated her home. Many Nazi socialites even gave her special orders for these baubles for their own homes. There many existing images of these objects on the internet, and I shall not post them here because the sight is too haunting and hea