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Sonora Webster Carver - Horse Diving

Sonora Webster Carver It is said that when you fall from a horse, you get back on right away. This has never been truer when it came to Sonora Webster Carver. In 1923, 19-year-old Sonora Webster was intrigued by an ad placed in a local newspaper by William Doc Carver, the owner of a carnival act. He was seeking a girl who could swim and dive and was willing to travel. Knowing she was perfect for the job, she applied. For a girl like her, it was her chance to rise out of the trap of poverty. Pretty and spunky, she got the job and would perform at Steel Pier in New Jersey as a diving girl. She was to mount a running horse as it reached the top of a forty to sixty foot and plunge into a 12-foot deep water tank. On a horse named Red Lips, Al Carver, Doc’s son, taught her how to ride and dive on a horse. She learned how to keep her head tucked down to one side so that when Red Lips raised his head as he jumped up at the bottom of the pool, she would get smacked in the fac