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Hoyden of the Week - A naughty glimpse of panty!


Kasturba Gandhi (1869 – 1944)

My name is Kasturba Gandhi and I was born in the year 1869, the daughter of a prominent business man. My childhood was uneventful and I was never taught to read or write. When I was thirteen years old, my family arranged a marriage for me to Mohandas Gandhi. Soon, I bore a son named Harilal. Shortly thereafter, Gandhi departed for London to pursue his education, leaving me in India to raise my son. Between 1892 and 1900 I bore three more sons. I was very dedicated to religion and strongly abhorred the distinction of caste in my Indian society. We lived in an ashram during those early years. It was during this period that I began to support my husband in political protests and worked with at every opportunity. When Gandhi decided to improve working conditions for Indians in South Africa so they would have the power to represent themselves, I joined him in this endeavour and happily accompanied him to South Africa in 1897.  In 1904 I became actively involved in the Phoeni

Hannah More Quote

There are but two bad things in this world--sin and bile."