Plastic Surgery Disasters

Top 10 Plastic Surgery Disasters

I've always believed that to age gracefully and with dignity is a path most women should take. However, with modern medicine, and the extreme pressure put on women these days, I can understand why women who can afford it opt for plastic surgery.

For me, the risk would be too high. I think I'll follow the path of women in history and let myself age naturally. It's what in the heart that really matters.


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Unknown said…
That is depressing. I agree with you about aging gracefully.
I want to grow old gracefully - but not yet!

In my dreams I would have my face reversed. I look better in the mirror than I do in real life! xx
Anita Davison said…
That video made me shiver - and I admit to having had camera phobia for the last few years. Why DO we look better in mirrors than in photos? Is it because our eyesight is getting worse too so we look fuzzy anyway? Depressing.