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Hoydens of the Week - Knock-out

In keeping with our boxing theme! Does anyone know how many calories boxing burns?

Hoydens of the Week - Boxing elegance

Ah yes, all smiles. What's with the high heels? Care to go a few rounds?

The bizarre excentricities and troubled life of Empress Elisabeth - The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodwin

Her Royal Highness Duchess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie Elisabeth was the daughter of   Duke Maximilian and Princess Ludovika of Bavaria.  They lived in Possenhofen Castle, away from the hubbub of the royal court. Sisi and her siblings enjoyed great freedom as children and she developed a grand passion for horseback riding in the beautiful countryside surrounding their castle.   Possenhofen Castle Princess Sophie of Bavaria Mother of Franz Joseph Franz Joseph Princess Sophie of Bavaria,  the domineering mother of 23-year-old Emperor Franz Joseph, arranged a betrothal to her neice, Helene, Sisi’s elder sister. Despite the fact they were in mourning because of the death of a member of the Bavarian royal family, Helene, Sisi, and their mother traveled to Bad Ischl to formalize the betrothal. They traveled in a large entourage, but arrived late due to their mother suffering a migraine. The carriage that carried their fancy dresses and gowns did not ar

Hoydens of the Week - The start of a new fitness craze

These hoydens dared to bare their legs to begin a new fitness craze better known as Aquasize. Who knew?!o 

Hoyden of the Week - Crazy Body Image

I can't imagine how this woman got herself strapped so tightly into this contraption called a corset and lived to tell about it. That was a hundred years ago. Now we women sweat and run and exercise and weight train to keep our bodies in shape. My, my, my, we've come a long way, haven't we?