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Wedding Gowns Thriough the Ages

From corseted waists in azure to gleaming white chiffon that fans out in a flouncing skirt, wedding gowns have undergone a series of makeovers in the last 150 years. While Queen Victoria’s wedding gown in 1840 – a grand affair of white satin and handmade Honiton lace –  codified a trend that is still cherished and followed, wedding gowns in the mid and late 1800’s were modest but colorful affairs with little in the way of resemblance to the modern wedding gown. How did the journey from these colorful, high-collared outfits to today’s mermaid-style chiffon wedding dresses come about? We trace the history of wedding gowns through the ages, from the 1900’s to the present day, with all their socioeconomic stories and glories. The Early 1900’s Between 1900 and 1920, the average wedding gown was characterized by the notorious S-shaped corset. Famous for restricting breathing and movement, the corset was designed to give women what was then viewed as an ideal feminine figur

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