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The Chilling Prophecies of Baba Vanga (The Blind Prophetess)

Dubbed the female Nostrodamus, Baba Vanga has seen the future and foretold the fates that will befall the world. Many have already happened. Many more chilling, fascinating are awaiting fruition. This humble woman was born in Macedonia. She was a premature baby who suffered with numerous health issues. When she was a young girl, her mother died while her father was fighting for the Bulgarian army during World War II.  Mostly raised by a neighbor, she loved playing games about healing and from there her passion was born.  Vanga managed to cheat death several times. One day, a tornado struck and poor Vanga was seized by the turbulent winds and hurled into a field. When she was found, she was in extreme pain. Her eyes were covered in dirt and dust and she could not open them. Attempts to heal her failed and Vanda became blind. In 1939 she caught pleurisy and everyone was certain she would die. Instead, she healed very quickly.  Despite the fact she was blind, Vanga coul